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Date: Mon Aug 31 1998 - 16:36:14 MET DST

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Subject: RE: documentation automatique
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 23:36:14 +0900

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Date: Sunday, August 30, 1998 1:49 AM
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>* Vincent Poirriez <>, 8/27/1998 - 14:39
>| I am just reading the new html manual for ocaml 2.0. I appreciate the
>| introduction of colours in ocaml presentation.
> let me just ask for a favor of me to html version of manual
> distributors. I believe that emacs with caml mode and html manual is
> a perfect combination for programming in caml.
> In many cases, I really miss for the tools like HyperSpec in common
> lisp community provided from Harlequin which can be browsed directly
> from emacs with small pieces of codes (called hyperspec.el).
> This is possible because HyperSpec html document has
> <a name="blablah"> xx</a> every identifiers so that we can easily
> extract that attributes and write down small elisp code with
> browse-url feature.
> I've tried to extract every function and type and exceptions in
> manual by observing the patterns but which is not so accurate and in
> some cases failed :(.

A few months ago I made a small program which I call "ocamlman". It is
a graphical browsing system of the Ocaml manual. Ocaml man retrieves
from the TEXT version of the ocaml manual all the types, functions,
functors. Its menu contains a contents index and module indices. The
look and
feel is like the on-line manual of Gambit originally developed on the
Macintosh platform. I can contribute the code to this list if people
are interested. A small hurdle is that you need OlablTk 1.07 to make it


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