LablGL 0.9 released

From: Jacques GARRIGUE (
Date: Wed Sep 16 1998 - 12:47:02 MET DST

Subject: LablGL 0.9 released
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Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 19:47:02 +0900
From: Jacques GARRIGUE <>

This is the first release of

                 LablGL (version 0.9)

LablGL is an OpenGL interface for Objective Label.
To install it you need a fully functional Objective Label
and LablTk installation, and either OpenGL or Mesa.

You can write your OpenGL applications completely in ML, including the
GUI thanks to the integration with LablTk.

LablGL is type safe: OpenGL programs are fully type checked, and there
are no runtime type errors.

You can find it at:

Jacques Garrigue Kyoto University garrigue at
                <A HREF=>JG</A>

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