APIs under Windows

From: Don Syme (dsyme@microsoft.com)
Date: Wed Oct 07 1998 - 19:03:34 MET DST

From: Don Syme <dsyme@microsoft.com>
To: "'caml-list@inria.fr'" <caml-list@inria.fr>
Subject: APIs under Windows
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 10:03:34 -0700

Has anyone looked at using the various APIs available under Windows within
Ocaml? For example
(but not limited to) the Microsoft Foundation Classes? Similarly, is anyone
looking at
automating the process of using of COM objects within Ocaml, ala Peyton
Jones' COM-for-Haskell?

In general, I would be extremely interested in feedback from anyone doing
Ocaml development under

Don Syme

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