Linking caml generated object in NT

From: Friedman Roy (
Date: Tue Oct 20 1998 - 15:29:08 MET DST

Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 15:29:08 +0200 (IST)
From: Friedman Roy <>
Subject: Linking caml generated object in NT


I am trying to link object files generated by ocamlopt with object files
generated by the C compiler (cl for instance) and got a lot of unknown
symbols errors. I tried adding some or all of the libraries in the lib
directory, and still a few symbols remained unknown. Is there a list of
libraries one has to link with to make this work.

(The reason I am doing this is to try instrumentig my code to work with
boundschecker to discover memory leaks in my C code that is linked
together with some CAML code. To do this, I need to use NuMega linker so I
cannot use ocamlopt.)



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