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> I have few questions:
> 1) Does anybody update Emacs-scripts in distribution of Ocaml to support
> Emacs 20.* ?

I do. If you have any problems you should send me a bug report, and I
will see what I can do.
The emacs scripts in the ocaml distribution should work with Emacs 20,
but the indentation code was not updated in ocaml-2.00. You should get
ocaml-mode-2.00.tar.gz from either or

> 2) Is there any ocaml interface to OpenGL libraries?

Not for ocaml, but for olabl which is an extension of ocaml.
Ocaml's type system is too restrictive to provide such an interface in
a type safe way.
You can get more information from

> 3) Is there any database support for Ocaml? SQL-interface or smth like it.

This is lower level but the ocaml distribution contains both a Dbm and
a Berkeley DB interface. I don't know about any SQL interface.


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