a Lout style for prettyprinting OCAML

From: Basile STARYNKEVITCH (Basile.Starynkevitch@cea.fr)
Date: Fri Dec 11 1998 - 16:54:51 MET

From: Basile STARYNKEVITCH <Basile.Starynkevitch@cea.fr>
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 16:54:51 +0100 (CET)
To: caml-list@inria.fr, Lout Mailing <lout@ptc.spbu.ru>
Subject: a Lout style for prettyprinting OCAML

[[posted to Lout & Caml lists]]


For those that are interested, I coded (in OCAML) a tiny style for
prettyprinting OCAML in LOUT.

If you don't know what OCAML is, look at
"http://caml.inria.fr/pub/old_caml_site/ocaml/". In short, OCAML is a strongly typed
functional programming langage with object extensions (and a good
bytecode & native compiler implementation). OCAML is developped at
INRIA France. It is freely available with sources.

If you don't know what LOUT is, look at
"http://www.ptc.spbu.ru/~uwe/lout/lout.html". In short, LOUT is a text
formatter (similar to LaTeX in spirit) able to format part of text
with arbitrary program filters. Lout generates (color) PostScript &
PDF. Lout is freely available with sources (GPL-ed), written by Jeff
Kingston (ftp.cs.su.oz.au:/jeff/lout/).

I wrote a small OCAML lexer caml2lout to output Lout commands and a
small camlprint LOUT style to run this caml2lout filter.

As a result, you can embed true OCAML code in your Lout document, like:

Lout at this
@CenteredDisplay @OCAML {
let sumf_r a f =
  let rec sumloop i s =
    if (i<0) then s else sumloop (i-1) (s +. f a.(i))
  in sumloop (Array.length a - 1) 0.0;;
[1;2] @ [3;4];;


and Lout (with my package & filter) print Ocaml code with keywords in
bold, comments in italics, etc...

If you want this tiny stuff (caml2lout.mll in Ocaml & camlprint in
Lout), ask me. I'll probably be able to give it (but I have no ftp
site, sorry).

N.B. Any opinions expressed here are only mine, and not of my organization.
N.B. Les opinions exprimees ici me sont personnelles et n engagent pas le CEA.

Basile STARYNKEVITCH ---- Commissariat l Energie Atomique
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email: Basile point Starynkevitch at cea point fr

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