Re: Suggestions

From: Jon Moore (
Date: Wed Jan 27 1999 - 19:48:19 MET

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Subject: Re: Suggestions
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 13:48:19 EST
From: Jon Moore <>

> Gerd Stolpmann's suggestion that some kind of Corba integretation should be
> provided is a good one, I think. I'd have more luck using OCaml at
> work if I could hide it behind IDL. Has anyone investigated Corba or
> COM bindings for OCaml?

If anyone decides to pick up on this one, I would suggest having a look at:
"Scripting COM components in Haskell," by Simon Peyton-Jones and Erik Meijer

I know similar efforts are ongoing for SML/NJ, and would love to see OCaml
have this too.

Jonathan Moore
University of Pennsylvania

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