Re: If i had a hammer...

From: Markus Mottl (
Date: Thu Jan 28 1999 - 12:02:55 MET

From: Markus Mottl <>
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Subject: Re: If i had a hammer...
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 12:02:55 +0100 (MET)


> The Markus Mottl message have revealed me that it could be good to have
> a page presenting the software developping under Caml and also projects
> under construction.. with
> - a short description,
> - name of the author(s) with mail, link to home page and other
> stuff,
> - last version / a progress indicator if it is a project
> - .. snapshots.. every thing that could have an interest..
> what do you think about ?
> I can find a place for it (but perhaps it is better on the Inria
> web-site/ Caml page (i do not if it is possible..)..) and beginning the
> job..

I would really like to see a remote CVS-repository for OCAML somewhere. I
am sure this would very strongly help people contribute collectively
to projects written in OCAML. I have already asked at our university,
but people there are a bit reluctant with software that they don't know
so well and which allows remote access.

Looking at other projects which make excessive use of this tool shows,
how productive it can make people. It also attracts a lot of them -
I think this would be really important for the whole OCAML-project.

Is there any machine at INRIA that could be used for CVS? With read-only
access to the repository for everyone and write permissions for people
who have already contributed useful code to a project?

Best regards,

Markus Mottl,,

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