Re: Warnings in ocaml

From: Anton Moscal (
Date: Mon Feb 22 1999 - 14:24:47 MET

Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 16:24:47 +0300 (MSK)
From: Anton Moscal <>
To: Xavier Leroy <>
Subject: Re: Warnings in ocaml
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On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Xavier Leroy wrote:

> > I copied from SML and defined a procedure "ignore":
> > so now I would write:
> > ignore (f x y); ...
> I was considering adding this to the standard library, implemented in
> such a way that no function call actually takes place. It seems to
> strike a reasonable balance between the safety of the warning and the
> inconvenience of writing "let _ = ..."

Also it will be useful to produce warning when polymorphic comparison
occurs. Two days ago I got significant speedup in my program by
suppressing polymorphism. But I found it only by information from gprof.

Anton Moscal.

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