From: Fabrice Le Fessant (
Date: Fri Mar 05 1999 - 16:22:40 MET

From: Fabrice Le Fessant <>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 16:22:40 +0100 (CET)
Subject: Contributions

GwML is born. GwML is the Generic Window-Manager in ML. It is inspired
from GWM ( which was configurable in a
Lisp dialect (Wool). Instead, GwML is configurable in Ocaml. GwML is
ICCCM compliant (not exactly 2.0, but close).

GwML is part of Efuns 005 package, which also contains:

- Efuns: Efuns is an Emacs clone. Like Gwml, it is configurable in
ocaml instead of Elisp. Thus, you can program better editing modes (in
particular, by using ocamllex lexers) than with Emacs.

- Asm Dynlink: An implementation of the Dynlink library (which
enables programs to dynamically load bytecode files) which works for
Native programs.

- Xlib: An implementation of the Xlib library in Ocaml.
  The whole X protocol is implemented, plus some other extensions (Icccm,
  XShade, Xpm, Zpixmap, Xrm, etc ...). Moreover, it contains an emulation
  of the Graphics library of Ocaml (called XGraphics).

WEB sources:

WEB documentation:

WEB page: follow Efuns link from:

- Fabrice LE FESSANT

PARA/SOR Project
INRIA Rocquencourt


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