RE: threads & OCamlTK

From: William Chesters (
Date: Wed Mar 17 1999 - 16:57:30 MET

Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 15:57:30 GMT
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From: William Chesters <>
To: Don Syme <>
Subject: RE: threads & OCamlTK
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Don Syme writes:
> William Chesters writes:
> > > And, on a vaguely related topic, is it possible to use threads with
> > > programs that also use OCamlTK? I know Tk is not threadsafe, but if
> > > only one thread is calling Tk functions, then perhaps it's still OK?
> > No, `Tk.mainLoop' blocks the whole process.
> Hmm... it seems not to, under Windows NT/bytecode. Maybe this is because
> Tk.mainLoop gets linked against a non-blocking library of code under
> Windows.

Aha, it works for me too under Linux with native code/pthreads. I
still have the test program from months ago which supposedly
demonstrated the opposite ... and it works too! Oh well :-).
Probably wrong link options or something.

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