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Date: Thu Mar 25 1999 - 20:42:42 MET

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Subject: Re: Power/PC Code?
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>From: "David McClain" <>

>I have some users on Power/PC Macintosh computers. I downloaded the OCAML
>2.02 for Mac the other day, but was a bit disappointed to find that the
>OCAMLOPT is absent. Is there any native code compiler for OCAML on Power/PC?

There is, but only for machines running under some version of Unix.
For a Macintosh, that means MkLinux, Linux/PPC, or Rhapsody. There
will be a port to MacOS X Server as soon as I get my hands on a
machine running it. In the meantime, the Rhapsody configuration might
work for MacOS X.

As for MacOS, there is not much demand for highly optimized MPW tools,
so we didn't spend the week of work needed to interface ocamlopt with
the MPW assembler.

-- Damien

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