From: Marc Rouaix (
Date: Tue Apr 06 1999 - 10:54:23 MET DST

Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 00:54:23 -0800
From: "Marc Rouaix" <>
Subject: graphics

I was excited to hear that the 2.02 graphics library
had better support for 24 bit displays, but I can't
get it to work properly. Ideally, I'd like something like

set_color (rgb x y z)

to just work right, no matter how many times I call it.
The support in 2.02 looks like it only works for images
(?), and even that doesn't seem to work properly on my
machine; ocaml seems to think I have an eight bit
display. I've looked at the graphics code a bit, but
I'm no X genius.


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