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> From: Chris Tilt []
> Sent: Friday, May 07, 1999 12:43 PM
> Subject: Graph Visualization
> With so many people developing excellent compilers,
> I was hoping to get a hint on the visualization of
> graphs (even trees would help) using native OCAML.
> The layout is not required to be good; this is
> intended for researching the nature of large Web
> sites using our existing modeling software written
> in OCAML.

I don't know about OCAML graph-viz tools, but some
time ago I did a search for graph-viz tools in
general, and attached below are my notes. Hope
they are of some use to you.


for lists of graph drawing tools
DaVinci graph drawing tool

Released for DEC OSF/1 on July 17 1998

Works great, but not sure it can handle large graphs (> 10K nodes)

GDToolkit Graph Drawing Toolkit

Available for Windows 95, Solaris, Linux but only for academic
research. Cannot be used inside a company, even for internal use,
without a commercial license.

GraphLet: a toolkit for graph drawing editors and algorithms.
Runs on W95, WNT and Unix X11 (Solaris only?)

GraphEd graph editor. Superceded by GraphLet

dflo: Mike Wolfe's compiler dataflow graph drawing system.

Far less flexible than daVinci. "dflo" itself is more than just graph
drawing: it also takes dataflow equations, solves them, etc. However,
in the sources is a subsystem called "dg" (see files with "dg" prefix)
which is just a graph-drawing tool. If one could understand this
code, it is possible to extract a pure graph-drawing tool out of this

VCG graph drawing tool.

Written for Solaris, so some amount of configuration and makefile
hacking may be necessary to run it under other platforms.

The package is supposed to be more flexible than "dflo", perhaps
producing prettier graphs, and perhaps faster.

Subject: Re: graph-drawing tools -- summary
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1993 17:14:43 GMT

Brown University has the following technical report available to the
public. I found it very comprehensive.

   author = "Peter Eades and Roberto Tamassia",
   title = "Algorithms for Drawing Graphs: An Annotated Bibliography",
   institution = "Brown University",
   type = "Computer Science Technical Report",
   number = "CS-90-09",
   address = "Providence, RI 02912",
   month = oct,
   year = 1989,
   note = "Peter Eades, University of Queensland, Department of Computer
           Science, St. Lucia, Queensland 4067. Australia",

Article 5087 of comp.compilers:
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,,comp.lang.ada
From: (Dirk Craeynest)
Subject: Re: Graph-drawing tool -- what do you use?
Message-ID: <93-12-043@comp.compilers>
Summary: RGB/RGE (Reusable Graphical Browser/Editor)
Keywords: tools
Organization: Dept. Computerwetenschappen K.U.Leuven
References: <93-12-028@comp.compilers> <93-12-042@comp.compilers>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1993 14:23:26 GMT
Lines: 47
Xref: comp.compilers:5087

(David Keppel) writes:
>>>[Graph-drawing programs?]

Another package to take a look at is RGB (Reusable Graphical Browser).

It is available in the Public Ada Library (PAL) via anonymous ftp, i.e.
from `' in the directory `/languages/ada/db/rgb'.

The README file follows:
ASSET_A_480: RGB (Reusable Graphical Browser), version 1.1
     This reusable software component implements a graphical user
interface for viewing the contents of an object management system. Its
purpose is to facilitate the construction of various browsing tools by
serving as the user interface component of those tools. The generic
application interface and tailorable user interface promote portability of
graphical browsing tools by isolating them from the underlying graphics
system. Tool builders need not be familiar with the intricacies of
graphics packages or windowing systems to use this product.
     RGB is implemented in Ada, with the exception of one small routine,
coded in C. The implementation is compatible with Version 11, Release 4
of the MIT X Window System and is dependent upon System's Engineering
Research Corporation's Ada binding to Motif, SA-Motif version 1.0, and
Open Software Foundation's OSF/Motif version 1.1.
     The release includes the RGB User Manual (ASSET_A_481), and the RGB
Version Description Document, which describes this version of RGB and
provides installation instructions. The documents are provided in both
plain ASCII and PostScript forms.

Supersedes ASSET_A_453

FWIW, we have extended an earlier version of the RGB to allow also editing
operations, in order to be able to build Graphical Editors instead of just
Graphical Browsers. Not surprisingly, we call our version the RGE
((Reusable Graphical Editor)...

Dirk Craeynest | Absynt (semantics directed compiler construction)
               | EROOS (environment for OO analysis and design)
Ada-Belgium Newsletter Editor | e-mail:
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven |
Department of Computer Science | phone: ++32(0)16-201015 x3555
Celestijnenlaan 200 A | fax: ++32(0)16-205308
B-3001 Leuven (Heverlee), Belgium | telex: 23674 kuleuv b

Article 5091 of comp.compilers:
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Subject: Re: Graph-drawing tool -- what do you use?
Message-ID: <93-12-047@comp.compilers>
Keywords: tools, bibliography
Organization: Department of Computer Science, University of York, England
References: <93-12-028@comp.compilers>
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1993 17:52:40 GMT
Lines: 27

Here at York we use the graph drawing package called dot from Bell. Below
is the references obtained from our local man page:

     E. R. Gansner, S. C. North, K. P. Vo, "DAG - A Graph Drawing
     Program," 59554-871019-04TM.
     E. R. Gansner, S. C. North, K. P. Vo, "A Technique for Drawing
     Directed Graphs,"
     E. Koutsofios and S. C. North, "Drawing Graphs with dot," 59113-
     AT&T Bell Laboratories
     Murray Hill, NJ.

I've used it and its great!

- edward

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