Re: Graph Visualization

From: Wolfram Kahl (
Date: Tue May 11 1999 - 10:59:57 MET DST

Date: 11 May 1999 08:59:57 -0000
From: Wolfram Kahl <>
Subject: Re: Graph Visualization

> > > With so many people developing excellent compilers,
> > > I was hoping to get a hint on the visualization of
> > > graphs (even trees would help) using native OCAML.
> > > The layout is not required to be good; this is
> > > intended for researching the nature of large Web
> > > sites using our existing modeling software written
> > > in OCAML.
> > I don't know about OCAML graph-viz tools, but some
> > time ago I did a search for graph-viz tools in
> > general, and attached below are my notes. Hope
> > they are of some use to you.
> I suppose that it is worth mentioning in this connection the HOPS (Higher
> Object Programming System) project, which uses da Vinci together with O'Labl
> to format higher-order term graphs (but not of O'Labl terms).

Actually I am not using daVinci, but dot from AT&T's graphviz package.

I start dot with open_process and pipe my graph descriptions into it,
reading back its layout with ocamllex/ocamlyacc generated parsers.
I then adapt the layout to my own needs and integrate it into
the HOPS GUI, where the user can manually change the layout.

I kill dot every 10 or 20 graphs, because it seems to have a space leak.



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