Big Brother 2.0.0, a free Web spider written in O'Caml

From: Francois Pottier (
Date: Wed May 19 1999 - 22:50:06 MET DST

Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 22:50:06 +0200
From: Francois Pottier <>
Subject: Big Brother 2.0.0, a free Web spider written in O'Caml


I am pleased to announce that Big Brother, a Web tool written in
Objective Caml, has just been placed in the public domain. The program
sources may be freely downloaded, used, modified, and re-distributed.

I now have little time to work on this project, so I would like to
encourage interested people to bring their own improvements to it. If
enough people are interested, maybe we can try and achieve some group

In short, Big Brother allows you to check the consistency of a whole
Web site. That is, it walks the site recursively and looks for broken
links. It is implemented as a command-line tool, which makes it very
convenient for regular, automated checks, as well as for use as a
component in a larger project.

The source code may currently be found at


François Pottier

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