Re: Sys.argv with interpreter and compiler

From: Pierre Weis (
Date: Fri Jul 02 1999 - 02:39:16 MET DST

From: Pierre Weis <>
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Subject: Re: Sys.argv with interpreter and compiler
To: (Markus Mottl)
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1999 02:39:16 +0200 (MET DST)
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> As far as I remember, making OCaml (at least under Unix) a "true"
> scripting-language (=with human-readable "#!"-scripts) is not so easy to
> achieve: only binaries may be used as interpreters of "#!"-scripts, which
> is not currently possible with the way the toplevel "ocaml" is designed -
> it needs to be a byte code file. Are there already any convenient ways
> around this problem?
> Using byte code for scripting is not so comfortable and I think that
> OCaml would give a wonderful language for "true" scripting...

I use a very simple way to achieve this: just tell the unix system to
execute the right ocaml interpreter, then I execute the file as

For instance:

pauillac:~$ cat > essai

print_string "Hello world!"; print_newline();;
exit 0;;
pauillac:~$ chmod a+x ./essai
pauillac:~$ ./essai
Hello world!

Normally I use a special version of ocaml, with the regexp and unix
libraries linked, but it's the idea: just write plain caml code and
interpret it ! In many cases it is fast enough for what I need!

What do you think of this completely interpreted approach ?

Best regards,

Pierre Weis

INRIA, Projet Cristal,,

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