Re: Ocamldebug for non-UNIX

From: Xavier Leroy (
Date: Sun Aug 15 1999 - 14:22:47 MET DST

Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 14:22:47 +0200
From: Xavier Leroy <>
To: Shmulik Regev <>,
Subject: Re: Ocamldebug for non-UNIX
In-Reply-To: <>; from Shmulik Regev on Sat, Jul 31, 1999 at 03:26:22PM +0300

> Is some work being done on a debugger for the Mac/Windows OCaml versions ?

None that I know of. The debugger from the Unix version relies
heavily on two Unix-specific features: Unix-domain sockets and the
fork() system call (used as a cheap and surprisingly efficient
checkpointing mechanism for the replay facility). Under Windows at
least, a replacement for Unix-domain sockets could be found, but I
wasn't able to find an adequate checkpointing mechanism.

- Xavier Leroy

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