ICFP programming contest

From: Xavier Leroy (Xavier.Leroy@inria.fr)
Date: Mon Aug 30 1999 - 21:19:15 MET DST

Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 21:19:15 +0200
From: Xavier Leroy <Xavier.Leroy@inria.fr>
To: caml-list@inria.fr
Subject: ICFP programming contest

Apologies for the noise on this mailing list, but I'd like to inform
or remind all of you of the upcoming programming contest that will be
held as part of the International Conference on Functional
Programming. The contest starts on Sept 2nd. A programming challenge
will be posted, and participants have 72 hours to submit a program to
the contest judges. More info is available at


While the contest is open to any programming language, it is held as
part of a functional programming conference, and the F.P. community
tends to view it as a measure of how well functional languages can
compete when both quick development and performance of the program
matter. Last year, a team at École Normale Supérieure ranked second
with a program written in OCaml, with the first prize going to a Cilk
program (Cilk is C + parallel operators), and the jury's prize to a J
(a dialect of APL) program. It would be great if we could do as well
this year.

Winners get fame, money, free books, and "unlimited bragging rights"
-- aren't you tempted? Happy hacking,

- Xavier Leroy

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