ocamlyacc and error messages

From: David Mentr'e (David.Mentre@irisa.fr)
Date: Mon Sep 06 1999 - 14:02:11 MET DST

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Subject: ocamlyacc and error messages
From: "David Mentr'e" <David.Mentre@irisa.fr>
Date: 06 Sep 1999 14:02:11 +0200


[[ Français (résumé) ]]

Comment donner le numéro de ligne et le point d'échec dans une grammaire
d'un parser généré par ocamlyacc ?

[[ English ]]

What is the simplest way to report an error in a parser generated by
ocamlyacc ?

I would like to report :

 1. line number in parsed file

 2. failing rule number in grammar

The point (1) is essential for me. Right know, I have a 'Fatal error:
uncaught exception Parsing.Parse_error' not very meaningful. :) I would
prefer have a message like 'parse error on line N in source file,
stucked in grammar rule foo:'.

I've looked at FAQs, mailing-list archive, ocaml sources and ocamlyacc
documentation but did not found very useful info :

 . nothing in faqs
 . mailing-list : an old message related to caml (not *o*caml)
 . ocaml parser in too complicated (rich error handling)
 . ocamlyacc doc is minimal

Thanks for any pointer,


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