Re: mmm for ocaml2?

From: Jun P. Furuse (
Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 22:19:46 MET DST

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To: Haruo Hosoya <>
Subject: Re: mmm for ocaml2?
From: "Jun P. Furuse" <>
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 1999 22:19:46 +0200


> I'm trying to compile mmm-0.41Jbeta but what I have now is for
> ocaml1. Simply applying ocaml1to2 did not work. (There seems a
> semantical difference about objects?) Is there mmm source code that
> is ready to compile by ocaml 2.02?

MMM0.80beta is available for ocaml 2.02 + tcl/tk 8.0.

If you understand Japanese, look at

Otherwise, the source is available at

Note that this is not the official release, just a fix for ocaml 2.0x.
In addition, the applet system does not work well. You can just browse
web pages.

Unfortunately, MMM project is now almost dead. You cannot expect
further version ups nor bug fixes.

I hope someone may write a browser using OCamlGtk or OLablGtk...

Jun P. Furuse
    Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique

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