Re: Stdlib regularity

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Date: Fri Oct 08 1999 - 16:10:48 MET DST

Date: Sat, 09 Oct 1999 00:10:48 +1000
From: skaller <>
To: Markus Mottl <>
Subject: Re: Stdlib regularity

Markus Mottl wrote:
> What do you think about this proposal: why not put a version of the
> standard library on the CVS-server of INRIA, where volunteers can
> contribute extensions, replacements, new modules, etc.?

I think this is a good idea, but I think that implementing
extensions and new modules is relatively easy (in most cases)
but deciding on the best interfaces is not.

Even the best library designer cannot make decision without
user feedback. As a member of two ISO Working Groups, my experience
is that there is something to be said for proposing changes in a
slightly formal
manner, followed by discussion of the proposal.

There is another advantage of this approach, which is that the 'offical'
ocaml developers can indicate tentative support for some changes,
allowing users to try them out with modules with the same interface
but potentially less efficient implementations, to gain experience
with these interfaces, and to write code that will work well with the
next official release.


John Skaller,
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