32 bit integers

From: Edwin Young (edwiny@entropic.co.uk)
Date: Mon Oct 18 1999 - 16:47:36 MET DST

From: Edwin Young <edwiny@entropic.co.uk>
To: "'caml-list@inria.fr'" <caml-list@inria.fr>
Subject: 32 bit integers
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 15:47:36 +0100


several people have been requesting features to be included in a
forthcoming O'Caml/O'Labl merge, so I thought I'd add a humble plea for
some support for untagged (presumably boxed) integers. I'm looking
mostly at camlidl, the documentation for which says: "Since the Caml int
type has one bit of tag, the conversion from IDL types int and long
loses the most significant bit on 32-bit platforms". I don't think
that's terribly satisfactory. If there isn't going to be a 32-bit type,
can anyone suggest a workaround (eg can I convince camlidl to map all
ints to floats)?


Edwin Young

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