About futur of OCAML

From: David Jemmi (david.jemmi@pactenovation.fr)
Date: Fri Oct 22 1999 - 18:17:11 MET DST

From: "David Jemmi" <david.jemmi@pactenovation.fr>
To: "CAML Mailing list" <caml-list@inria.fr>
Subject: About futur of OCAML
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 18:17:11 +0200

In the page http://caml.inria.fr/pub/old_caml_site/tutorials/objectdemo.html, at the end, we
can read :

"Modules and Objects can be seen as structures, but we do know yet how to
unify the two different programming styles".

What is the idea behind this unification ?


Baubillier Stephane (France)

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