[GC] Evaluate memory use

From: David Mentré (David.Mentre@irisa.fr)
Date: Thu Nov 18 1999 - 15:37:26 MET

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Subject: [GC] Evaluate memory use
From: David.Mentre@irisa.fr (David =?iso-8859-1?q?Mentré?=)
Date: 18 Nov 1999 15:37:26 +0100

[ short french:

 Comment connaître la consommation mémoire maximum d'un programme OCaml
 ? ]

Hello all Caml users/hackers,

Is there any way to know the maximum memory used by an OCaml program?
Right now, I'm using Gc.heap_words, but it doesn't seem to be very
accurate. I think because the minor heap words are not counted. Anyway
to fix this? Should I use something like:

    let max_words_total = stats.Gc.minor_words - stats.Gc.promoted_words + stats.Gc.heap_words in

Used code below:

let print_computation_stats elapsed_time =
  let stats = Gc.stat () in
  let max_words_total = stats.Gc.heap_words in
  printf "@\n@[<v 2>##### Statistics #####@\n" ;
  printf "Maximum memory used: %d kBytes@\n" (max_words_total * Sys.word_size
                                             / 8 / 1024) ;
  printf "Processor time used: %f seconds@\n" (Sys.time ()) ;
  printf "Wall clock time used: %f seconds@\n" elapsed_time ;
  printf "@\n" ;
  printf "@]@\n@?"

BTW, is there any simple way to evaluate Wall Clock Time used by an
OCaml program? Right now, I'm using 'Unix.gettimeofday ()'. Is there a
simpler way to do it?

        let start_time = Unix.gettimeofday () in

        let produced_properties = verify properties prog possible_projections in

        let stop_time = Unix.gettimeofday () in

        print_computation_stats (stop_time -. start_time) ;

Best regards,

 David.Mentre@irisa.fr -- http://www.irisa.fr/prive/dmentre/
 Opinions expressed here are only mine.

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