OCaml makefile template comments

From: David Mentré (David.Mentre@irisa.fr)
Date: Wed Nov 24 1999 - 11:12:07 MET

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Subject: OCaml makefile template comments
From: David.Mentre@irisa.fr (David =?iso-8859-1?q?Mentré?=)
Date: 24 Nov 1999 11:12:07 +0100

I've used the generic OCaml Makfile (at:
http://caml.inria.fr/pub/old_caml_site/FAQ/Makefile_ocaml.tpl) and I have 2 comments:

 1. target $(EXEC).opt

$(EXEC).opt: $(OPTOBJS)
        $(CAMLOPT) -o $(EXEC) $(LIBS:.cma=.cmxa) $(OPTOBJS)
                      ^^^^^^I think it is $(EXEC).opt here, no?

 2. Makefile with subdirectories. This makefile is not made to allow
    subdirectories. I've managed to use it for a subdir by adding a '-I
    subdir' option to $(CAMLC) and $(CAMLOPT) and modifying targets
    depend:, .depend: (to add -I option) and clean:.

    Does anybody know a good makefile model to compile in subdirs
    (without recursive makefile) for OCaml?

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