Findfirst / findnext Caml equivalents

From: Manuel Cornes (
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 15:34:07 MET

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From: Manuel Cornes <>
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 15:34:07 +0100
Subject: Findfirst / findnext Caml equivalents


are there Caml equivalents to the C (win32) functions FindFirstFile and=
FindNextFile ?

"The FindFirstFile function searches a directory for a file whose name matches=
specified file name. "

Has anybody tried modifying the asm emitting part of ocaml so that nasm syntax
is used instead of masm syntax ?

"NASM is the Netwide Assembler, a free portable assembler for the Intel 80x86
microprocessor series, which uses the traditional Intel instruction mnemonics=
and syntax. "

thanks a lot,
Manuel Cornes

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