This page gives hints on installing Caml Light and Objective Caml on a machine under Mac OS X.

Before you begin

Caml Light and Objective Caml are command-line tools. To use them, you will need to open a terminal window. Use the Terminal application which is in /Applications/Utilities/.

In order to use Caml Light or Objective Caml, you need to increase your stack size limit. You also need to put "/usr/local/bin" in your PATH variable. Paste the following commands into a terminal window:
echo 'limit stacksize 64M' >>~/.tcshrc
echo 'setenv PATH "${PATH}:/usr/local/bin"' >>~/.tcshrc
Then close your terminal window and open a new one (the changes do not take effect in the windows that are already open).

The easy way

The easiest way to install Caml Light or Objective Caml is to use the binary packages below. They have been compiled with Mac OS 10.2.4.

The hard way

The hard way is to recompile from source. This is what you need to do if you want to use extra libraries (X-window graphics, Tcl/tk, etc.)

Objective Caml

You should use (at least) version 3.06 of Objective Caml. Version 3.04 works, but it has annoying bugs on Mac OS X.

If you have Tcl/Tk installed through Fink, and you want to use it with O'Caml, you will have to configure with:

./configure --tkdefs -I/sw/include

Caml Light

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