Users' contributions to Caml Light

Language extensions

CamlDim: inference of physical dimensions

CamlDim is an extension of Caml Light 0.7 with physical dimensions on integers and floats, e.g. if v is a speed and t is a duration, v *. t is a distance. See the brief presentation for more info. Written by Bruno Blanchet, École Normale Supérieure, Paris. Available here.

Existential type variables a la Laufer-Odersky

This patch to Caml Light 0.6 adds a simple form of existential types (following Laufer and Odesky's proposal). Written by François Pottier and Michel Mauny at INRIA. More details in the announce. Available here.

User interfaces

Caml Light for MS-Windows

A graphical user interface for the Caml Light 0.74 toplevel, for Microsoft Windows 3.1, 95, and NT. Written by Jean-Marie Geffroy at INRIA. More details in the announce. Release available here.


CamlWin is a multi-platform graphical user interface for Caml Light. It runs under MSDOS, MS Windows, and Unix/X11. Written by Pierre Saunier at ENST Bretagne. See the documentation for more info. Available here.

MS Windows front-end

This front-end provides a Microsoft Windows graphical user interface for the Caml Light toplevel. Written by Martial Tarizzo. See the announce for more details. Available here.



MLgraph is a library for producing images in Caml. The graphical model which is used in MLgraph is basically that of PostScript. Various objects can be defined on the infinite cartesian plane and arbitrarily scaled, translated and rotated by the application of linear transformations. Printing is obtained via a translation to PostScript.

Developed by Guy Cousineau ( and Emmanuel Chailloux ( at École Normale Supérieure, Paris.

This library is available here, as well as a Postscript manual.


This library provides tools to write programs manipulating data structures with binders (like lambda-terms or quantified formulae). Written by Christophe Raffalli. More info and distribution here.

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