Older Caml news:

12/2001. Objective Caml 3.04 released.
10/2001. Test release 3.03 alpha available for testing.
07/2001. Release 3.02 of Objective Caml, available here.
04/2001. Objective Caml ranks 2nd on speed (between C and C++) on Doug Bagley's computer language shootout.
03/2001. Objective Caml 3.01 released. Get it here.
02/2001. A set of new Caml examples are now available (ranging from simple examples for beginners to complex examples for specialists).
01/2001. Launching the Caml consortium.
09/2000. Two Objective Caml programs win first and second prizes at the ICFP programming contest.
07/2000. OcamlExc, a static analyzer for uncaught exceptions.
04/2000. Release of Objective Caml 3.00.
11/1999. Objective Caml 2.04 is available.
11/1999. Objective Caml relicensed under the LGPL and the QPL, now fully Open Source.
09/1999. An Objective Caml program ranks first at the ICFP programming contest.
03/1999. Release of Objective Caml 2.02 and CamlIDL 1.00 (COM binding for OCaml).
02/1999. Anonymous CVS server gives access to working sources and previous releases.
12/1998. Objective Caml 2.01 is now available.
11/1998. First book in English on Caml (G. Cousineau and M. Mauny).
09/1998. An Objective Caml program ranks second at the ICFP Programming Contest.
08/1998. Release of Objective Caml 2.00, which includes a more powerful and flexible class language.