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Version 0.41 released in December 1997


MMM is a WWW browser implemented in Objective Caml using its CamlTk41 interface to Tcl/Tk.
MMM is written by François Rouaix, with help from Jun Furuse.
This software is Copyright © INRIA, but essentially free.

The main features of the browser are:

Runs on most Unix/X11 platforms
We have tested MMM in the past on DEC/OSF (alpha), SunOS 4.1.x (sparc), Solaris (sparc), Linux a.out and ELF (486, Pentium). It has been tested by users on HPUX, SGI/IRIX, FreeBSD and IBM AIX.
Supports full HTML 2.0, most of HTML 3.2, frames (since 0.41)
This includes forms, in-lined images, tables. Some will find table display in MMM preposterous. It is, in some sense. Check the FAQ for more information on this.
Supports applets in Objective Caml
A wide variety of applets can be written, including graphics (animated or interactive) and browser extensions. Applets are safe, with the help of strong typing and authentication.
Supports CGI calling
MMM supports the so-called non-parsed-headers CGIs, (e.g. programs that return a full HTTP response); this is useful when you have programs generating HTML and you don't want to go through the hassle of installing a complete web server.
MMM is available with messages and buttons in english, french and japanese. An option on the command line selects the language you wish. It's trivial to add localization for any other "western" language using the ISOLatin1 alphabet.
Japanese support
When linked with the japanese Tcl/Tk libraries, MMM supports the various encodings of japanese documents. For more info on japanese support, check the JMMM home page.
Source display and editing
With MMM, you can easily view and edit the HTML source of documents. You can make corrections to the HTML and have the browser redisplay the modified version. In case of file: URLs, you can save the modified version as well.
This isn't exactly "free software" in the GNU sense, nevertheless: Check the LICENSE for full details.

Please note that the software is a product currently being developed. INRIA shall not be responsible in any way concerning conformity, and in particular shall not be liable should the software not comply with the requirements of the user, INRIA not being obliged to repair any possible direct or indirect damage.

A comparison between applets in Caml and Java


Other information

If you use MMM regularly, please drop me a note.

Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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