Module Pcaml

module Pcaml: sig  end
Language grammar, entries and printers.

Hold variables to be set by language syntax extensions. Some of them are provided for quotations management.

val syntax_name : string ref


val parse_interf : (char Stream.t -> (MLast.sig_item * MLast.loc) list * bool) ref
val parse_implem : (char Stream.t -> (MLast.str_item * MLast.loc) list * bool) ref
Called when parsing an interface (mli file) or an implementation (ml file) to build the syntax tree; the returned list contains the phrases (signature items or structure items) and their locations; the boolean tells that the parser has encountered a directive; in this case, since the directive may change the syntax, the parsing stops, the directive is evaluated, and this function is called again. These functions are references, because they can be changed to use another technology than the Camlp4 extended grammars. By default, they use the grammars entries implem and interf defined below.
val gram : Grammar.g
Grammar variable of the OCaml language
val interf : ((MLast.sig_item * MLast.loc) list * bool) Grammar.Entry.e
val implem : ((MLast.str_item * MLast.loc) list * bool) Grammar.Entry.e
val top_phrase : MLast.str_item option Grammar.Entry.e
val use_file : (MLast.str_item list * bool) Grammar.Entry.e
val module_type : MLast.module_type Grammar.Entry.e
val module_expr : MLast.module_expr Grammar.Entry.e
val sig_item : MLast.sig_item Grammar.Entry.e
val str_item : MLast.str_item Grammar.Entry.e
val expr : MLast.expr Grammar.Entry.e
val patt : MLast.patt Grammar.Entry.e
val ctyp : MLast.ctyp Grammar.Entry.e
val let_binding : (MLast.patt * MLast.expr) Grammar.Entry.e
val type_declaration : MLast.type_decl Grammar.Entry.e
val class_sig_item : MLast.class_sig_item Grammar.Entry.e
val class_str_item : MLast.class_str_item Grammar.Entry.e
val class_expr : MLast.class_expr Grammar.Entry.e
val class_type : MLast.class_type Grammar.Entry.e
Some entries of the language, set by pa_o.cmo and pa_r.cmo.
val input_file : string ref
The file currently being parsed.
val output_file : string option ref
The output file, stdout if None (default)
val report_error : exn -> unit
Prints an error message, using the module Format.
val quotation_dump_file : string option ref
quotation_dump_file optionally tells the compiler to dump the result of an expander if this result is syntactically incorrect. If None (default), this result is not dumped. If Some fname, the result is dumped in the file fname.
val version : string
The current version of Camlp4.
val add_option : string -> Arg.spec -> string -> unit
Add an option to the command line options.
val no_constructors_arity : bool ref
True: dont generate constructor arity.
val sync : (char Stream.t -> unit) ref
val handle_expr_quotation : MLast.loc -> string * string -> MLast.expr
val handle_expr_locate : MLast.loc -> int * string -> MLast.expr
val handle_patt_quotation : MLast.loc -> string * string -> MLast.patt
val handle_patt_locate : MLast.loc -> int * string -> MLast.patt
val expr_reloc : (MLast.loc -> MLast.loc) -> int -> MLast.expr -> MLast.expr
val patt_reloc : (MLast.loc -> MLast.loc) -> int -> MLast.patt -> MLast.patt
val rename_id : (string -> string) ref
To possibly rename identifiers; parsers may call this function when generating their identifiers; default = identity

type err_ctx =
| Finding
| Expanding
| ParsingResult of ((int * int) * string)
| Locating
Allow user to catch exceptions in quotations
exception Qerror of (string * err_ctx * exn)


val print_interf : ((MLast.sig_item * MLast.loc) list -> unit) ref
val print_implem : ((MLast.str_item * MLast.loc) list -> unit) ref
Some printers, set by pr_dump.cmo, pr_o.cmo and pr_r.cmo.

type 'a printer_t = {
   mutable pr_fun : string -> 'a -> string -> kont -> Spretty.pretty;
   mutable pr_levels : 'a pr_level list;
type 'a pr_level = {
   pr_label : string;
   pr_box : 'a -> Spretty.pretty Stream.t -> Spretty.pretty;
   mutable pr_rules : 'a pr_rule;
type 'a pr_rule = ('a,
'a curr ->
'a next -> string -> kont -> Spretty.pretty Stream.t)
type 'a curr = 'a -> string -> kont -> Spretty.pretty Stream.t 
type 'a next = 'a -> string -> kont -> Spretty.pretty 
type kont = Spretty.pretty Stream.t 
val pr_sig_item : MLast.sig_item printer_t
val pr_str_item : MLast.str_item printer_t
val pr_module_type : MLast.module_type printer_t
val pr_module_expr : MLast.module_expr printer_t
val pr_expr : MLast.expr printer_t
val pr_patt : MLast.patt printer_t
val pr_ctyp : MLast.ctyp printer_t
val pr_class_sig_item : MLast.class_sig_item printer_t
val pr_class_str_item : MLast.class_str_item printer_t
val pr_class_type : MLast.class_type printer_t
val pr_class_expr : MLast.class_expr printer_t
val pr_expr_fun_args : (MLast.expr, MLast.patt list * MLast.expr) Extfun.t ref
val find_pr_level : string -> 'a pr_level list -> 'a pr_level
val top_printer : 'a printer_t -> 'a -> unit
val string_of : 'a printer_t -> 'a -> string
val inter_phrases : string option ref