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Latest adds/updates

Latest adds/updates
2004-04-28LablgtkspellBindings for the GtkSpell spellchecking widget library for use with lablgtk2.
By Shawn Wagner
2004-04-28dispimgExceedingly simple, lightweight, image viewer, using lablgtk2.
By Shawn Wagner
2003-08-25GlSurfA program (similar to Surf) to draw surfaces from their implicit equations.
By Christophe Raffalli
2003-06-02DrGeocamlA (subminimal) port of DrGeo in Caml, using the Gtk toolkit. Large use of the DrawingArea widget.
By Nicolas François
2003-04-11lablgtkmathviewA binding to the GtkMathView widget, with example of its use. GtkMathView is a Gtk widget to render MathML 2.0 documents.
By Claudio Sacerdoti Coen
2002-10-16MLDonkeyA client to the peer-to-peer file sharing system edonkey2000. Complex GUI.
By [b8]bavard