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Latest adds/updates
2002-07-22EpeireText widget with fonts and colors, GLists, GTree.
By Maxence Guesdon, Dimitri Ara
2002-07-22GpatternA class to easily define scrolled clists, hanlding selection/deselection, double click, sort, ...
By Maxence Guesdon
2002-07-26MLChatA small chat application written in OCaml with the LablGtk interface. Use clists with pixmaps.
By Maxence Guesdon
2002-10-16MLDonkeyA client to the peer-to-peer file sharing system edonkey2000. Complex GUI.
By [b8]bavard
2001-08-09UnisonA file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows. Pixmaps in CList.
By Benjamin C. Pierce, Trevor Jim