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Date: Mon Mar 17 1997 - 10:13:43 MET

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(I wrote:)

>>>>> "Xavier" == Xavier Leroy <> writes:
>> Release 1.04 of Objective Caml is now available. The main novelty in this
>> release is the port of the Caml Light replay debugger. Also, the
>> native-code compiler now works on Silicon Graphics, weak pointers are
>> supported, and the foreign interface was enriched to make calling Caml from
>> C easier.

> What is a "weak pointer"? Is it described in the manual?

  My apologies. I just discovered module Weak in the standard library.
However, I still don't understand the concept. The manual says:

  "A weak pointer is an object that the garbage collector may erase at any
time. A weak pointer is said to be full if it points to an object, empty if
the object was erased by the GC."

  Does this mean that even a full weak pointer can be erased? What does "at
any time" mean --- even if the pointer is still accessible from the root set,
its contents can be erased? Is this intended to contrast with a usual
reference, which must always be initialized? Are weak pointers intended to
model C pointers?

  Could someone post an example of their use?

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