Re: C program analyser in Ocaml?

From: Gerd Stolpmann (
Date: Fri Jan 22 1999 - 21:58:31 MET

From: Gerd Stolpmann <>
Subject: Re: C program analyser in Ocaml?
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 21:58:31 +0100
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On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, you wrote:

>Is there somewhere the sources of a C program analyser (or just
>parser) in Ocaml?

In 1997 I began a project that was intended to simplify ad-hoc usage
of given C libraries in Ocaml. I have never completed it because of
fights with the garbage collector, and because I had doubts if it was
really useful.

The idea was to read a given C header file and automatically generate
stub functions and other needed auxiliary functions dealing with the
type mapping between C and Ocaml. As far as I can remember the program
contains a lexer and a parser limited to header files, i.e. it cannot parse
function bodies, but I think this is simple to add.

You can find the program on

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