threads & OCamlTK

From: Don Syme (
Date: Mon Mar 15 1999 - 16:05:21 MET

From: Don Syme <>
Subject: threads & OCamlTK
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 07:05:21 -0800

And, on a vaguely related topic, is it possible to use threads with programs
that also use OCamlTK? I know Tk is not threadsafe, but if only one thread
is calling Tk functions, then perhaps it's still OK?

Also, the manual says:
> All object files on the command line must also have been compiled with
the -thread option,
> which selects a special, thread-safe version of the standard library
(see chapter 8).

But does this apply to the object files contained in libraries such as
OCamlTK, Unix, Num and Str?

Finally, if a particular library has used non-threadsafe constructs, and you
try to link it into a threaded program, some compiler support for detecting
and warning about this might be handy.


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Is it true that under the Windows NT version of OCaml there's no easy way of
sending the equivalent of a SIGINT to a OCaml process and have OCaml raise
an exception? Or have I missed something? I need to be able to
asynchronously break long running computations under NT. BTW I'm also using


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