RE: Option types and O'Labl merger

From: Frank A. Christoph (
Date: Wed Oct 13 1999 - 07:35:44 MET DST

From: "Frank A. Christoph" <>
To: <>
Subject: RE: Option types and O'Labl merger
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 14:35:44 +0900
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> > If you really think that having such costless options would be useful,
> > it is the time to make pressure to have them included in the merger.
> "Could we have costless options please, if it's REALLY not going to
> complicate the compiler too much?"

I don't really have an opinion on "costless options", but it is worth noting
that including them is going to change the runtime's data representation,
undoubtedly breaking many people's C-interfacing code (unless they use
CamlIDL, I guess).


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