Objective Label 2.04

From: Jacques Garrigue (Jacques.Garrigue@inria.fr)
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 15:34:17 MET

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Subject: Objective Label 2.04
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Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 15:34:17 +0100
From: Jacques Garrigue <Jacques.Garrigue@inria.fr>

This is my pleasure to announce

        The Objective Label Trilogy, version 2.04

As always the trilogy includes the Objective Label language, extending
Objective Caml with labeled and optional arguments, polymorphic
variants, and polymorphic methods; the LablTk GUI library; the
LablBrowser library browser.

There only few changes in this release:
  * the generation of olablc.opt and olablopt.opt for faster compilation
  * several bug fixes in the match compiler

You can obtain the trilogy from


Notice that this is probably the last release of Objective Label,
since most of its functionality will be directly included in future
releases of Objective Caml.

However this release concerns very much people who:
   * have an important olabl code base. OCaml, even including most
     features, will not be fully compatible with the existing OLabl.
   * are using polymorphic methods. For technical reasons, this
     feature will probably not be included soon in OCaml.

Jacques Garrigue, visiting INRIA from Kyoto University
                          Jacques.Garrigue at inria.fr

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