ocamldot for ocaml-2.04

From: Trevor Jim (trevor@research.att.com)
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 20:06:48 MET

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Subject: ocamldot for ocaml-2.04
From: Trevor Jim <trevor@research.att.com>
Date: 29 Nov 1999 14:06:48 -0500

If you use ocamldot to generate program dependency graphs for ocaml
programs, and you are upgrading to ocaml-2.04, you may want to get the
latest version from my web site,


(The old version does not work when compiled with 2.04.)

The README follows if you want to know more about ocamldot.



Ocamldot generates program dependency graphs for ocaml programs.

The dependency graph output by ocamldot can be rendered by a separate
program, dot. Dot is freely available from


Ocamldot is designed to process the output of ocamldep. A typical use
would be

  ocamldep *.ml | ocamldot > dep.dot


  ocamldep *.ml > .depend
  ocamldot .depend > dep.dot

This will output a dot graph into the file dep.dot. You can then use
the program dotty to view, edit, and print the graph.

Ocamldot has the following options:

  -fullgraph draw the full graph (default is to draw only the kernel)
  -landscape output in landscape format (default is portrait)
  -lr draw graph from left to right (default is top to bottom)
  -r <r> use <r> as a root in the graph; nodes reachable from <r>
               will be shown

(The transitive kernel of a dag is the smallest subset of the dag
whose transitive closure is the same as the transitive closure of the
dag. For example, the kernel of A->B, A->C, B->C is just the two
edges A->B, B->C.)

-Trevor Jim

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