String wishes for Ocaml

Date: Wed Jul 02 1997 - 14:39:43 MET DST

Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 14:39:43 +0200
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Subject: String wishes for Ocaml

Hello All,

[[abreged french version below]]

I have some few small (except the 3rd) wishes for next Ocaml release,
regarding string processing:

1. some more basic string utilities in the standard Ocaml library (not
the Str package), like
   * strchr in C :
      String.pos str ch =
        search ch in str returning first position or raise Not_found

   * strrchr in C :
      String.last_pos str ch =
        search ch in str returning last position or raise Not_found

   * String.substr str first last = get a substring of str from index
     first to last (String.sub takes a length, not a last index)

2. perhaps something similar to strtok in C (but reentrant)

3. Much harder. A sort of scanf facility. Perhaps the format could be
a list of formatting element...

I know that this last point is difficult. Actually, the Format.printf
type inference mechanism (which seems built in the compiler, not in
the library) is stiff a bit of magic for me.

[[-- version française abrégée - lire plutot l'anglais ci-dessus --]]

Quelques souhaits pour la prochaine version d'Ocaml relatifs aux
chaines de caractères.

1. Quelques utilitaires manquants, a la maniere de strchr & strrchr en
Ansi C. Ainsi que substr qui renvoie la sous-chaine de premier et
dernier rangs données

2. Quelques chose comme strtok en C

3. Bien plus difficile. Un scanf ou equivalent. Mais c'est difficile,
et pour moi, l'inference de type de Format.printf (qui me parait être
dans le compilateur, pas la librarie) reste magique pour moi.

Merci à tous

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