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How to become a member

In order to fully understand the Consortium membership, it is advised to read the Caml Consortium Agreement, which is online as PDF, PostScript, and HTML documents, defining and organizing the Caml Consortium, as well as its Annex (PDF, PostScript, HTML). Extra information about VAT are given in this information sheet.

If you agree with the Consortium clauses, you will then be able to fill in and send this adhesion form.

Your request will be examined by an INRIA representative, who will decide to accept or refuse your request.

  • In case of acceptance of your adhesion request, the Consortium Agreement and its Annex will be officially transmitted as two (2) original copies by postal mail for signature. After signature by a representative of your company/institution, those two copies shall be returned to:
    Responsable des Affaires Administratives et Financières
    Unité de recherche de Rocquencourt
    Domaine de Voluceau
    F-78153  LE CHESNAY CEDEX  (France).
    Once they are signed by an INRIA representative, one signed original copy and the corresponding invoice will be sent back to you.
  • If your participation request is rejected, an INRIA representative will inform you of this fact.

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