The Objective Caml distribution

Version 3.07

© INRIA 2003

This version was released 2003-09-29, with two additional patches in oct 2003. The files below include the patches, and thus correspond to 3.07 patchlevel 2. This version is not the most recent; see also the current version.

Direct access to the release directory via FTP and HTTP. Check file integrity using the MD5 checksums.


Precompiled binaries:

For Linux:

Several Linux distributions include precompiled binaries for OCaml, e.g. Debian, Mandrake, and RedHat. These binaries are often less up-to-date but more nicely packaged than ours. See also

For MS Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, 95:

See the Win32 release notes for additional information on the Windows ports of OCaml.

For Mac OS X:

No binaries yet. In the meantime, you can download the source distribution and compile it.

User's manual and reference manual:

CVS access to the source tree:

Read-only CVS access to the whole Objective Caml and Caml Light sources (including working sources and all public releases) is available through our anonymous CVS server.

Older releases:

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