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Caml is a strongly-typed functional programming language from the ML family. OCaml (Objective Caml) and Caml Light are two open source implementations of Caml developed at INRIA Rocquencourt, projet Cristal.


11/2004. Bug-fix release Objective Caml 3.08.2.
08/2004. Bug-fix release Objective Caml 3.08.1.
07/2004. Objective Caml 3.08.0 released.
09/2003. Objective Caml 3.07 released.
08/2003. An Objective Caml program wins the "lightning division" at the ICFP 2003 programming contest.
08/2003. Beta release 3.07 beta 2 available for testing, along with its documentation.
10/2002. An Objective Caml program wins first prize at the ICFP 2002 programming contest.
08/2002. Bug-fix release 3.06 of Objective Caml.
07/2002. Objective Caml 3.05 released.
04/2002. A preliminary version of the book Developing applications with Objective Caml is available on-line.
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General information about Caml.
How to get the compilers.
A taste of Caml.
A short technical overview of Caml.
The Caml consortium.
Comments from Caml users.
Significant applications written in Caml.
The Humps: links to Caml-related tools, libraries, code samples, tips, etc.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ about Caml).
Books on Caml.
On-line tutorials.
Objective Caml manual.
Caml Light manual.
Bug tracking system.
Installing Caml on Mac OS X.

The OCaml implementation:

Questions and Answers.
What's new.
The Objective Caml manual.
The OCaml distribution.
Programming examples.
CamlIDL, a stub code generator and COM binding.

The Caml Light implementation:

The Caml Light distribution.
Programming examples.
Libraries and tools.
User contributions.


The Camlp4 Pre Processor Pretty Printer for OCaml.

Other sources of information:

Archives of the Caml mailing list.
Frequently asked questions from the newsgroups and comp.lang.functional.

Caml and teaching:

La Lettre de Caml (in french).
Course material for Caml lectures (in French).


Programming contests.
Anonymous CVS server.
The Caml attitude.
Silly quotes.

Bug tracking system. Bug reports can also be entered by e-mail to
Contact the Caml development team:
The Caml mailing list: subscribe, view the archives.
Another mailing list specially targeted at beginners: ocaml-beginners.

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