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2001-08-10A list of significant Caml applications
2004-10-11Active DVIA presenter and previewer for texts or slides written in LaTeX.
By Pierre Weis, Jun Furuse, Xavier Leroy, Alan Schmitt, Didier Rémy, Didier Le Botlan, Roberto Di Cosmo, Alexandre Miquel
2004-10-27AntAnt is a typesetting system inspired by TeX. It does not aim at complete compatibility with TeX but focuses instead on a flexible, clean, andmodular design.
By Achim Blumensath
2003-08-13araA utility for doing boolean regexp queries on the the Debian package database.
By Berke Durak
2003-03-11bibgrepIndex and efficiently search throught bibtex files using a google-like query syntax.
By Guillaume Marceau
2001-08-09bibtex2htmlA collection of tools for translating from BibTeX to HTML.
By Claude Marché, Jean-Christophe Filliâtre
2001-08-09bmktransBookmark translator.
By Pierre Boulet
2002-08-26camlletsA web server able to execute caml applets to generate dynamic pages.
By Jacobo Pérez Guardado, Victor M. Gulias
2003-05-26CCuredA source-to-source translator for C.
By Scott McPeak, George Necula, Jeremy Condit, Matthew Harren, Westley Weimer
2003-09-25CiMEA rewrite and constraint-solver tool.
By Claude Marché
2004-10-27CocanwikiA wiki in OCaml.
By Richard W.M. Jones
2002-04-11CoqA proof assistant.
By Judicael Courant, Jean-Christophe Filliâtre, Hugo Herbelin, Gilles Dowek, Christine Paulin-Mohring, Bruno Barras, Benjamin Werner
2003-11-17datacThe system daTac aims to do automated deduction in first-order logic with equality.
By Laurent Vigneron
2004-09-07DemexpThe demexp project is a free software project (GNU GPL) that aims at making the software needed to start the democratic experience project. The democratic experience is a large scale project of direct democracy. It aims at providing the tools to facilitate the expression of all citizens, to transform this expression into decisions, and to apply this decision.
By David Mentre
2001-08-10EFunsAn Emacs clone in Ocaml.
By Fabrice Le Fessant
2002-08-23Ensemble Juke BoxA distributed audio application designed to exchange high-quality audio data bewteen users on local area networks.
By Mark Hayden, Jason Hickey
2003-07-21FoCAn environment to develop certified computer algebra libraries.
By Thérèse Hardin
2001-08-09GenewebA genealogy software with a Web interface. It can be used off-line or as a Web service.
By Daniel de Rauglaudre
2003-08-25GlSurfA program (similar to Surf) to draw surfaces from their implicit equations.
By Christophe Raffalli
2001-08-10GwMLA window-manager written in Ocaml. Configuration is done by dynamically loading Ocaml bytecode modules.
By Fabrice Le Fessant
2002-05-22HeveaA quite complete and fast LATEX to HTML translator.
By Luc Maranget
2003-01-20HOL-lightA small and idealistic, yet fairly powerful, theorem prover.
By John Harrison
2001-12-20IceDockDockapp support ala WindowMaker/AfterStep for IceWM, TWM, MWM, Sawfish, KWin, ...
By Vassili Karpov (Malc)
2002-09-16LinkA theorem prover for Multiplicative Linear Logics based on PROOF NETS Construction.
By Didier Galmiche, Luc Habert
2004-12-03lpdA small threaded line printer daemon whose primary goal was to enable the use of a windows-only printer, it should be easily modifiable for other purposes. A small module of pervasive-like functions for sockets on all platforms (including win9x) is bundled together.
By Christophe Troestler
2002-12-12LuoA system written in Caml and Maple to perform average-case complexity analysis of algorithms.
By Paul Zimmermann, Bruno Salvy
2001-10-01MathplotA GUI frontend for interactive graphing of functions. It also has a program to generate PostScript output.
By Pascal Rigaux (Pixel)
2004-02-16MetaPRLThe MetaPRL system combines the properties of an interactive LCF-style tactic-based proof assistant, a logical framework, a logical programming environment, and a formal methods programming toolkit.
By Jason Hickey, Aleksey Nogin
2002-07-26MLChatA small chat application written in OCaml with the LablGtk interface.
By Maxence Guesdon
2002-10-16MLDonkeyA linux client developed in OCaml for the peer-to-peer file sharing network edonkey 2000.
By [b8]bavard
2004-04-14NAB (Network in A Box)NAB is a network simulator targeted at wireless ad hoc and sensor networks.
By Henri Dubois-Ferriere
2004-10-26OcamawebA CWEB like literate programming tool. It is designed to target all languages and actually has a version targeting the MATLAB language.
By Charles-Albert Lehalle
2002-03-05oclispA minimal lisp interpreter, for educational purposes.
By Andrew Birkett
2004-09-07OrpieOrpie is a fullscreen RPN calculator for the console. Its operation is similar to that of modern HP calculators, but data entry has been optimized for efficiency on a PC keyboard. Features include extensive scientific calculator functionality, command completion, and a visible interactive stack.
By Paul Pelzl
2002-04-24PhoxAn extensible proof assistant based on High Order logic.
By Christophe Raffalli
2002-12-30PlanetsA simple interactive program for playing with simulations of planetary systems.
By Yaron M. Minsky
2003-09-25SecurifyA tool to verify secrecy for cryptographic protocols.
By Véronique Cortier
2003-03-12SKSA new OpenPGP keyserver whose goal is to provide easy to deploy, decentralized, and highly reliable synchronization.
By Yaron M. Minsky
2002-08-26SpamOracleDetection of spam by statistical analysis of e-mail contents.
By Xavier Leroy
2003-04-14sumoA system for extracting structural and possibly functional similarities in 3D structures of proteins.
By Martin Jambon
2001-09-20SwiftSurfSmart web proxy written in OCaml.
By Sébastien Ailleret
2002-09-10SyndexA graphical interactive software implementing the AAA methodology, to find the best matching between an algorithm and an architecture.
By Yves Sorel
2001-08-09UnisonA file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows. It allows two replicas of a collection of files and directories to be stored on different hosts (or different disks on the same host), modified separately, and then brought up to date by propagating the changes in each replica to the other.
By Benjamin C. Pierce, Trevor Jim
2003-09-29WhyA software verification tool.
By Jean-Christophe Filliâtre
2003-12-19wsyncA clever uploading tool, for synchronizing files on a distant FTP server (eg the content of a web site) with a local set of files.
By Christophe Deleuze
2003-03-24WTimerA web application to manage time sheets.
By Gerd Stolpmann
2004-10-27XaraXara allows to do boolean regexp searches on the Debian package database in a LablGTK2 GUI.
By Berke Durak