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2002-11-26caml2htmlA tool to create hilighted html pages from OCaml files (.ml, .mli, .mll and .mly).
By Sébastien Ailleret, Martin Jambon
2005-02-17CamlGICamlGI is a library to enable you to write CGI and FastCGI in OCaml. It is written 100% in OCaml so should run on many platforms. The library supports multiple simultaneous connections and request multiplexing while presenting an easy to use interface.
By Christophe Troestler
2003-12-18ChartPakAn easy-to-use library for dynamically generating business-oriented data visualizations for the web.
By Matt Gushee
2004-10-27CocanwikiA wiki in OCaml.
By Richard W.M. Jones
2005-02-17GikiWikiGikiWiki is a minimalist wiki in OCaml.
By Neale Pickett
2002-05-22HeveaA quite complete and fast LATEX to HTML translator.
By Luc Maranget
2001-08-10HlinsInsertion of URLs into HTML documents.
By Ralf Treinen
2004-09-27htmlcAn HTML files generator.
By Pierre Weis
2001-12-21MacroHTMLMacro pre-processor for HTML (unmaintained).
By Brock Wilcox
2004-12-03mod_camlA set of OCaml bindings for the Apache API, allowing you to run CGI scripts written in OCaml directly inside the Apache webserver.
By Richard W.M. Jones
2002-09-24toolpageA tool to help create and maintain software distribution pages. Comes with a convenient library to create HTML pages from OCaml applications.
By Maxence Guesdon
2003-03-24WDialogA framework to create complex Web-based applications in a systematical way.
By Gerd Stolpmann
2003-03-24WTimerA web application to manage time sheets.
By Gerd Stolpmann
2004-05-25XCamlThe Application System Xcaml (AS/Xcaml) is a full-featured web-application architecture based on Xcaml, a web-oriented syntax extension of the Objective Caml language.
By Alessandro Baretta
2003-05-05xhtmlA translation of most XHTML 1.1 modules into a set of phantom types that allow the O'Caml typechecker to validate dynamically generated HTML pages.
By Thorsten Ohl