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Latest adds/updates

Latest adds/updates
2005-02-18DumperDumper is a tiny OCaml library for dumping out data structures. This is very useful when debugging. It's roughly the OCaml equivalent of Perl's Data::Dumper.
By Richard W.M. Jones
2005-02-18Caml for ScintillaCaml for Scintilla is a free source and binary package which adds syntax coloring for the Objective Caml language to the multi-platform (Win32 and GTK+) Scintilla editing component and SciTE text editor.
By Robert Roessler
2005-02-18GalaxA full-featured, fully compliant implementation of XQuery.
By Jérôme Siméon, Mary Fernandez
2005-02-18OCaml-HTTPA library inspired from perl's HTTP::Daemon that permits to write simple HTTP daemons in OCaml.
By Stefano Zacchiroli
2005-02-18perl4camlInterface for calling Perl code from OCaml.
By Richard W.M. Jones
2005-02-17OCaml-PackratPackrat parser generator for OCaml.
By Bardur Arantsson
2005-02-17CamlGICamlGI is a library to enable you to write CGI and FastCGI in OCaml. It is written 100% in OCaml so should run on many platforms. The library supports multiple simultaneous connections and request multiplexing while presenting an easy to use interface.
By Christophe Troestler
2005-02-17CamlusbCamlusb is an Ocaml binding to libusb. Libusb is a portable library to access USB devices in user space, available for various operating systems.
By Gina Belmonte