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Camlp4 syntax extensions

Latest adds/updates
2003-06-30camlp4 hashtbl syntax extensionCamlp4 hashtbl syntax extension and integrity checks
By Stefano Zacchiroli
2001-09-26Coca-mlA small extension to ocaml 3-02 called coca-ml and using camlp4 to allow 'down cast' of objects between classes in relations of inheritance and sub-typing.
By Emmanuel Chailloux
2002-05-10DBCSimple design-by-contract support using camlp4.
By Shawn Wagner
2004-02-25ECamlA simple object system for OCaml, based on polymorphic variants and a Camlp4 syntax extension.
By Issac Trotts
2002-02-01IoXMLIoXML adds all the needed printers and parsers to the source files where types are defined.
By Daniel de Rauglaudre
2002-02-13OcamlclOCaml with caml light syntax.
By Daniel de Rauglaudre
2002-02-05openinA Camlp4 syntax extension to locally open a module in an expression.
By Alain Frisch
2003-10-06OXAn XML integration into Objective-Caml, providing XML transducers based on pseudo-tree view.
By Didier Plaindoux
2002-01-11pa_ocamllexA syntax extenstion to define lexer directly in .ml files.
By Alain Frisch
2003-10-16ulexA lexer generator for Unicode and OCaml.
By Alain Frisch
2001-08-09xstrp4Extension of camlp4: '$' expansions.
By Gerd Stolpmann