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2003-10-03CameleonIDE for OCaml, with an interface builder, a documentation browser, and other tools and libs.
By Maxence Guesdon, Dimitri Ara, Alan Schmitt
2004-08-05Caml-getA tool to distribute and get Objective-Caml code, in a way similar to the apt-get utility.
By Maxence Guesdon
2004-09-07CamlclipseA group of plugins to add OCaml support in the Eclipse IDE. It provides very basic support for creating OCaml projects, editing source files, building and running.
By Andrei Formiga
2001-09-20CDKThe Caml Development Kit (CDK) is a package containing a set of useful tools and libraries for programming in Objective-Caml.
By Sébastien Ailleret, Alan Schmitt, Fabrice Le Fessant
2003-02-26CocOCamlCocOCaml is a Cocoa based wrapper for the OCaml toplevel environment.
By William D. Neumann
2001-08-10CtCamlA working environment for Caml Light 0.74.
2002-01-10EmrgA simple OCaml packager.
By Ohad Rodeh, Mark Hayden
2002-07-22EpeireA graphical interface for the OCaml debugger.
By Maxence Guesdon, Dimitri Ara
2001-08-21FORTFramework for Ocaml Regression Testing, an environment for testing programs and Objective Caml modules.
By Patrick Doane
2004-10-01GODIVAGODIVA, the GODI Verpacken Assistant, is a tool for making GODI packages.
By William Lovas, Owen Gunden
2004-02-11headacheA simple and lightweight tool for managing headers in source code files.
By Vincent Simonet
2001-08-10ledit1 line editor written in OCaml. It provides line editing for the Caml toplevels, as well as other interactive Unix commands.
By Daniel de Rauglaudre
2002-05-16mlgladeA Glade to OCaml compiler.
By Benjamin Monate
2004-12-03OCaml-BenchmarkA small module to benchmark running times of code. It supersedes an earlier version by Doug Bagley.
By Christophe Troestler
2004-08-04Ocaml-MinGW-MaxiOcaml-MinGW-Maxi is binary distribution for OCaml port for Windows based on the MinGW toolchain. It contains the OCaml compiler and some precompiled add-on libraries.
By Christoph Bauer
2002-03-05OCamlBurgGenerate a dynamic-programming ocaml code from a pattern matching specification.
By Norman Ramsey, Christian Lindig
2002-03-05OCamlErrorAnnotate uncaught exception stack traces in a readable and editor-friendly way.
By Christian Lindig, Norman Ramsey
2001-08-10OCamlexcA static analyzer of spurious exceptions of OCaml programs.
By François Pessaux
2001-08-09ocamlwcA program to count the lines of code and documentation in ocaml sources.
By Jean-Christophe Filliâtre
2004-02-19OCamlWinPlusExtension of the OCamlwin tool to add edition facilities, and more.
By Christopher A. Watford
2005-02-17OMakeOMake is a build system designed especially for large projects. It uses a syntax similar to make utilies you may have used, but with enhancements.
By Jason Hickey
2004-09-27OUnitUnit test framework for OCaml.
By Maas-Maarten Zeeman
2001-11-23ReportA tool allowing the description of the structure of an XML document and the way to fill it at runtime.
By Maxence Guesdon
2002-11-28StredProvides an ability to interactively edit/navigate arbitrary Ocaml data structures.
By Avik Chaudhuri
2002-09-19Visual MLAn OCaml project wizard for Microsoft Visual Studio.
By Nicolas Cannasse
2003-10-20WOWcamldebugA front end that permits to use the OCaml debugger with (g)vim.
By Stefano Zacchiroli
2004-04-23YaMAnother build system for OCaml... The idea is to write a, using the YaM helper module, and to compile it to get a project specific make.
By Damien Pous
2001-11-23ZoggyAn interface builder generating LablGtk code.
By Maxence Guesdon, Daniel de Rauglaudre, Fabrice Le Fessant