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2005-02-18Caml for ScintillaCaml for Scintilla is a free source and binary package which adds syntax coloring for the Objective Caml language to the multi-platform (Win32 and GTK+) Scintilla editing component and SciTE text editor.
By Robert Roessler
2003-02-13CamlAgentOcaml applications for Microsoft Agent.
By SooHyoung Oh
2002-12-30CamlGLOpenGL bindings for OCaml.
By Nickolay Semyonov-Kolchin
2004-10-11CamlImagesAn image processing library, which provides loading and saving various image formats with an interface for the Caml graphics library. It has also an interface with the freetype library to draw texts using truetype fonts.
By Pierre Weis, Jun Furuse
2003-12-18ChartPakAn easy-to-use library for dynamically generating business-oriented data visualizations for the web.
By Matt Gushee
2002-04-19ConfigwinA library to easily create configuration windows, using LablGtk.
By Maxence Guesdon
2003-11-25GD4OAn OCaml interface to the GD graphics library.
By Matt Gushee, Shawn Wagner
2003-02-11GeOCamlA tool allowing to handle easily euclidian geometry.
By Arnaud Doniec, Georges Mariano
2003-08-25GlSurfA program (similar to Surf) to draw surfaces from their implicit equations.
By Christophe Raffalli
2002-05-31GraphPSAn OCaml library used to generate PostScript files from Caml graphics drawings.
By Pierre Weis
2002-12-12HtreeA generic library for browsing trees using hyperbolic geometry.
By Alexandre Miquel
2004-07-16LablGLAn Objective Caml interface to OpenGL.
By Jacques Garrigue
2002-11-04lablglutA GLUT 3.7 binding, bundled with a Tk-independent modification of LablGL.
By Issac Trotts
2004-07-16LablGTKAn Objective Caml interface to gtk, providing a strongly typed, yet very comfortable, object-oriented interface to gtk+.
By Jacques Garrigue
2002-04-05Lablgtk humpA collection of applications and libraries which can be used as examples for LablGtk and LablGL.
2004-11-19LablGTK2An Objective Caml interface to gtk+ 2.2.
By Jacques Garrigue
2004-09-27LablGTK2 Tree View TutorialA tutorial on how to use GTK+ 2.0 GtkTreeView widget in Ocaml language.
By SooHyoung Oh
2004-09-27LablGTK2 Tutorial
By SooHyoung Oh
2003-04-11lablgtkmathviewA lablgtk binding to GtkMathView, a Gtk widget to render MathML 2.0 documents.
By Claudio Sacerdoti Coen
2004-04-28LablgtkspellBindings for the GtkSpell spellchecking widget library for use with lablgtk2.
By Shawn Wagner
2001-08-10ML-PostscriptA library to produce PostScript documents using OCaml.
By Nicolas George
2002-05-16mlgladeA Glade to OCaml compiler.
By Benjamin Monate
2004-11-02MlgraceA high-level interface to the Grace 2D plotting application.
By Paul Pelzl
2002-09-27MLGraphA Caml and OCaml library to produce PostScript images.
By Emmanuel Chailloux, Guy Cousineau
2002-09-11O'Caml X Game libraryA small framebuffer graphics library for O'Caml and X.
By Sami Makela
2004-10-26OCaml-Win32An OCaml library providing direct access to the Win32 API.
By Harry Chomsky
2003-11-24OcamlplotAn OCaml interface to the GNU libplot library.
By Olivier Andrieu
2002-11-05OCamlSDLOCaml interface to the Simple DirectMedia Layer library. SDL is used for example by 3D games under Linux.
By Frederic Brunel, Luc Mazardo, Olivier Andrieu
2002-02-26OsirisA set of classes to easily build and manage graphical user interfaces under Win32 with Ocaml.
By Nicolas Cannasse
2004-09-27SciLablA LablGTK2 wrapper for Scintilla source code editing widget.
By Anton Moskal
2004-01-28SoCamlA binding for the object-oriented 3D scene library Open Inventor (tm).
By Issac Trotts
2002-03-19Text Mode KitA text mode widget system in OCaml, still in early stage, not ready to use in real projects yet.
By Nicolas George
2004-10-26wxocamlBinding for wxWidgets.
By SooHyoung Oh
2001-08-10XlibThe Xwindow library, completely rewritten in Objective-Caml.
By Fabrice Le Fessant
2001-11-23ZoggyAn interface builder generating LablGtk code.
By Maxence Guesdon, Daniel de Rauglaudre, Fabrice Le Fessant